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Catherine 84 years old it's NEVER too late...

I’m a Caucasian female 84 years old with a medical history of stenosis of the lower back, congestive heart failure, replaced right knee, controlled high blood pressure by medications, allergic to codeine, and have an implanted pacemaker defibrillator. I have difficulty walking or standing due to my back. I use a cane for steadying myself. I’m in pain a great deal of the time and when it becomes unbearable I take 20 mgms of oxycodone which allows me to function with less or no pain for a period of time. The bad side effect of this medication is severe constipation. Now for me this is a bad problem because I’ve had that problem before my body started to cave in on me. This becomes a balancing act of taking as little of oxycodone as possible and keeping my bowels functioning. Since I have been undergoing treatment with the chiropractors, I have a little better balance and have been able to reduce my consumption of oxycodone. One other effect has been overcoming the tendency of my right foot to turn outward as I walk which is detrimental to the functioning of my knee.

-Catherine Sien: 8/14/06

LaFone. No more Reflux OR hand numbness

“I had been having chronic neck pain off and on for years, culminating in continual neck pain that would not go away no matter how many ibuprofen or naproxen sodium tablets I took, what kind of pillow I used or in what position I sat or slept. I knew that if I went to my doctor, I would be put on muscle relaxers or pain pills. I did not want that. I knew people who had received chiropractic treatment and were helped. I had also heard people disparage it. I had been watching the renovations being done and a sign go up for Victor Advanced Chiropractic and decided to call and see what could be done for me. Based on their recommendations, I began treatment. By the end of a few sessions, my neck pain had diminished. I decided not to stop just because the pain was gone. I wanted my neck fixed for good. I have found that not only does my neck have more mobility, but my hands, which for several years tended to go numb, were improved. I had also been taking antacids every night in bed for a couple of years and recently noticed that I hardly ever needed them anymore and didn’t know why. I found out that was another benefit of chiropractic treatment. One of my younger sisters has the same symptoms and I told her to seek chiropractic help!”

-S.L. Howard Victor, NY

Mary. High end Triathlete

First .... the injuries. Know that I too carry a little bag of aches and pains around with me. In 1999 as you know I was lightly tapped by a moving car and since have always had a lower back sensitivity. Not even enough to call an injury. But on a daily basis there are things I HAVE to do to keep the pain at bay, like brushing your teeth. Upon awakening I stretch in bed, and I apply a heat pack to my back on the way to each workout. Meticulous stretching through yoga before and after each workout, etc. Those who rode with me yesterday know I was having a hard time standing up from aero position (again, not even enough to call an injury).

This morning I met  with Robert Lucky, DC of Advanced Victor Chiropractic. Robert is partners with Bill Ferris, DC, and Scott Mills, MS ATC, each are certified in Active Release Therapy, and have a lot of experience working at IRONMAN events with triathletes. I had the opportunity to meet with Rob and Scott previously, to get them involved in the tri community. Because I am lazy I procrastinated getting a treatment from them. I also have a fear of chiropractors, but I think they are great (just a personal fear.....)

I was told ART Therapy would hurt like hell, even by my husband, so I was a little nervous. Rob has a great way of making you feel comfortable and explaining exactly what he is going to do.

For my back I laid down on my stomach, and immediately he was able to find the spot where the adhesions or scar tissue (I think I am terming that correctly) were. I could tell that was the spot, even though in 8 years I have never been able to pinpoint it myself. He then sat me up so my legs were on the floor, and sat behind me. He again found the spot and applied pressure as he instructed me through some range of motion, almost similar to throwing a ball but not with my arm. While I was doing the movement he applied various amounts of pressure. Rob told me it'd feel almost like a burning sensation, which was difficult for me to feel because of the sunburn on my back. I felt the sunburn, which was likely masking the burning sensation I was also feeling.

Next he had me lie on my left side and I want through some ROM with my right leg while he did the same thing. After a bit of that he had me stand up. Normally when I go from sitting to standing I feel my lower back say at least "Hello!" but for the first time in YEARS, I felt NOTHING. NOTHING! I touched my toes. Nothing. NOTHING! Whoa. This was new and different for me. The relief was instantaneous.

So he next moved to my left Achilles tendon, which had some pretty obvious swelling. He took my foot through some ROM while he applied pressure right to the hot spot. I felt the burning, but it was not a horrible pain like I expected it to be. I have been in much more pain with Massage therapists. After a bit of that I stood up and felt good, the real test will be this evening. Typically I'll feel a bit in my left AT while walking after a workout, or just walking. But since then it hasn't bit.

So I am now very intrigued by ART Therapy. I think I have avoided it because I'd rather spend the time training. But as Rob explains it, you can get more out of training if your muscles are sliding across each other correctly, it will improve your biomechanics, and in return improve performances.


I will be using  both Massage Therapy and now ART Therapy as part of my training. I am really intrigued at the almost simplicity of it. I really thought it'd take FOREVER and be excruciating. But as athletes the pain we inflict is equal to what this feels like.

I was highly impressed with Rob's professionalism, and at the same time they was he makes you feel like an old friend.

actually, all of these guys have that same quality. I think this group can be a positive part of our team, especially to our Ironman team.

Thanks again, Mary Eggers

Mike avoided wrist surgery

Dear Dr. Ferris, Dr. Luckey and of course Scott,

I wanted to take a moment and tell you how much I appreciate your treatments and your practice. While I am not an ‘iron man’ nor an athlete per say, I must say I saw right away what you were talking about with everything ‘flowing through’ the neck and how we can heal ourselves I was a little skeptical on the idea itself. I have had chiropractic care before and it did help an immediate need that I had but it did not seem to ‘heal me’.

From the first time I came in with the feel of God’s love in the air I knew this was going to be it. My tension neck problems have subsided and I feel my head sitting up straighter.

Not only that, I have had several surgeries on my wrist with indications from the doctors that I might need more surgery to relieve pain I am still having. You mentioned ART to me and I gain was skeptical but very interested. I even had the thought of ‘oh dear more money I have to spend’. Then you did the first two treatments. I’ll tell you what, it’s not what the doctor ordered but I am free of the extensive pain I had! It still hurts but not nearly as much as it did. I only wear my wrist brace when I do heavy work around the house or workout. I am actually to a point where I can strengthen it with out to much pain. I am so stinken excited I can’t stand myself!

I just needed to tell you all that. I am excited to continue this treatment plan and look forward to more healing! Yours in Faith,

Michael Utter

Not only then has each man his individual relation to God, but each man has his peculiar relation to God” - George MacDonald.

Each of us understands God’s love in a way no one else does. There’s a place in God’s love for each of us. And out of that place we can bring light to other people, just as our own special people have brought light to someone else.

Musselman Miracle. Long but worth the read!!

Doctors Luckey, Ferris and Mills,

My training partner, Jessica Clay, and I stopped by your booth on Saturday after we picked up our race packets for the Musselman. Because of my long battle with injuries and doctors of various kinds, I usually don't spend any time at those types of booths at races. There's no point because I'm permanently injured.

However, Bailey, the sweet American Bulldog, was too cute to resist. She was sitting in your booth just begging for me to come and play with her. Thus, I had to go and pet her a little bit. Out of politeness, I inquired about your business. I couldn't just sit there and pet the dog without asking about the booth :-)

After hearing about your ART methods, I was intrigued by the idea of allowing you to assess my running style and then treat me. You didn't have an x-ray or a MRI on hand so I thought it would be interesting if you could accurately identify all of my problem areas. Much to my shock and complete disbelief, two of your staff folks were able to literally stick their finger right on the spots that are injured. I hadn't even told anyone about my injuries, yet your staff members were able to identify them without an MRI. That boggles my brain!

I left the booth, went back to Athletes Village and I sat down and stretched. I was able to stretch my right periformis in ways that I hadn't been able to in 13 years! "Weird" I thought. Very weird.

Race day was the following morning. I hopped on my bike and rode the entire course without pain in my left adductor. I have become so accustomed to the pain that I didn't even notice that my inner leg did not hurt - but during the flat section I looked down at my bike computer and discovered that I was peddling at 28 mph, I thought, "holy cow, my leg doesn't hurt!". I've never peddled faster than 21 mph on a flat course. When I cruised into the transition area, one of the volunteers said, "now that's a big smile on this gal coming into the transition." And I thought to myself, "mister, you have no idea how happy I am right now."

Although the bike was less painful than usual, I knew that the run would still be awful. And it definitely was a monster. Both of my hips are so sore when I get off the bike...the run is always so painful. It starts off the same at each race, my hips burn during the first 4-5 minutes, then it moves into my right knee (ITB) then down my right shin. Then the doozie. My right hip flexor starts doing a kamikaze act around 12 minutes into the run and shortly thereafter, it moves into my right side abdominal wall. It's painful to inhale, it feels like my abs will rib open. I usually cross the finish line with my hand on my hip flexor, a lump in my throat and a request for ice. But the Mussleman was different. I crossed the line with my hand on my hip, a lump in my throat, a request for ice and I asked to be taken to the chiropractors that treated me the day before. I have never gone to a medical tent at a race because I know that they can't help me. But I knew that your doctors could - your treatment is different from anything that I've received before.

I hobbled over to your booth, petted Bailey Girl and then met with one of your doctors. Again, without me telling him, he was able to put his hands right on the spots that create all of my misery! I woke up this morning (after an 8 hour drive back to Ohio) and I hopped right up and got ready for work. No pain. I usually have trouble walking the morning after a race. I can't even walk up stairs after a race because I feel like I will tear my abs and end up in the emergency room. But I could have ran 20 flights of stairs today. No problem.

I have very serious injuries. I don't have aches and pains from racing. I have the real deal. I tore a hole in my hamstring (which ended my adolescent athletic career), my hip is not in the joint properly (S.I. is outta whack), the periformis is super duper tight, the ITB is always inflamed and acting up, my hip flexor is strained, my right side abdominal wall is always on the fritz and my left adductors are sore all the time.

I have seen 4 surgeons, 5 chiropractors and a slew of family doctors. I have seen the x-rays and other pictures. I have had the results explained to me over and over again. Some of my injuries are permanent and cannot be fixed. Others can be treated but NONE of the treatment that I have received has ever helped. Ever. I've been hooked up to machines, electrodes, heat therapy, massage therapy, physical therapy...and so on. My range of motion is horrible, my pain is high and my performance is lacking. I'm not getting better. In fact, I've actually gotten worse over the years and I've learned to deal with being in pain everyday.

But my whole perspective on my life is different after having met with your staff at the Musselman. Everything that I believed three days ago has just crumbled. I'm supposed to be permanently injured. I'm not suppose to get better. Yet, I met with your staff on Saturday and I had a great bike ride on Sunday. My left adductors were pain free. In all of these years, I had no pain in my left leg. How can that be?

I met with your doctors after the race on Sunday and I am sitting at my desk, ready for a big day at work. I have no pain in my legs. I'm suppose to be walking around with ice on my legs but I don't need it.

How can this be? How can a dozen other ppl tell me that I'm totally jacked up and yet, y'all stick a finger on my leg, wiggle it around a bit and now I'm feeling like I have a different body? It took ten minutes! Are you kidding me? Month after month of rehab with NO results. None. You press your finger on my hip flexor and suddenly I can walk. What in the world is going on?

So after this lengthy email, I want everyone in your office to know how grateful I am because after 13 very painful years, I feel that I have hope. I've been in a fog the whole morning because I've been thinking about all the years that I missed because of my injuries. What if I had undergone this therapy when I tore my hamstring all those years ago? Could I have lasted another year in gymnastics? Would I have been able to run in college? Wow, I have spent so much time and money at doctors visits and it's all been a waste. Bummer. There are times that I cannot even put my pants on because I can't pick up my leg. I can't get into my car sometimes because my hip flexor is so sore. I crawl up the stairs because I can't walk up them. I'm a very fast runner but after I get off the bike, I putter along at a 9 minute pace. I watch slower runners pass me by because I can't pick up my right leg. I cry out in my sleep because my hip hurts so badly. It hurts to laugh. If I had been treated all those year ago, maybe this wouldn't be my current predicament.

But, alas, the glass is not half empty...I have the rest of my life to look forward to and if I'm lucky, I'll find a qualified doctor in Columbus that can treat me with ART. And If I can't, then I guess I'll be using up some frequent fly miles so that I can travel to New York every few weeks. I will never be 100% well but the point is that I never expected to be better at all. I've been told by doctor after doctor that I will NOT get better. So, that's what I believed. For over a decade, I have believed that I'm a washed up gymnast that will only ever be a fraction of the athlete that she used to be. Yet, here I am on Monday and my new athletic career is about to begin.

You gave me that and I am so grateful.

All my best, Emily Smith

Saralyn. AMAZING. Allergies Asthma and COLIC relieved!!!

My family and I have been regular patients at Victor Advanced Chiropractics for three months now. As a mother of a one and a half year old and a five year old, I have been to several chiropractors before but no one had ever been able to give me a lasting treatment that would get rid of my pain or the need for drugs.

When I first started there, I was completely miserable. I had migraines and headaches three to four times a week. I had numbness in my arm for the past five years and it was getting to the point that I would occasionally drop things. My neck pain, which I had constantly for three months, was keeping me up at night. I had been a server and had just accepted the fact that I would have a bad back for the rest of my life. By the end of the day I was dreading going to bed. I would toss and turn all night trying to get into a position where the pain wouldn’t keep me up. In the morning I would wake up exhasted and have to take care of my children. If I had a headache that day, it would be even worse. I would lie on the couch, close the shades, take some advil, and pray that it would pass quickly. My house was in disarray. My kids lived on TV dinners and quick meals because my husband was gone during the week for work. I was a mess. I didn’t want to go to the doctor because I was afraid of what she might say.

I met Dr. Ferris and Dr. Luckey at Wal-Mart one day doing an out reach for their charity. They had offered the first consult and x-rays for a twenty dollar donation to their charity. I like the fact that it was for a charity and figure what did I have to lose but the neck pain. They made the initial evaluation and I called latter to make an appointment for my x-rays. When I went, they told me that I would have to come back for a little seminar. My first thought was, here we go they are going to try to get me to buy something, just like lot of club scams out there.

The seminar was an eye opener. Many of the problems that I was having they listed as side effects of not being in proper alignment. I knew by the end that I had to be a patient there. My x-rays confirmed what my body was telling me.

After coming in for a couple weeks, I schedule appointments for my children. I was most concerned for my one year old son. He had taken several head dives, being the dare devil that he is. I brought both my daughter and son in. I found out that the fall had shifted his top vertebra. My daughter also could use a couple adjustments. I was so happy to be getting them seen at such an early age. I knew that I had just helped my children stop many years’ health problems.

It has been over three months now. I feel like a new woman. My neck pain is completely gone!!!! My headaches are now only two to three a month. I am only having numbness in my arm on rare occasions. My back pain is gone. I get up in the morning feeling awake and rested. I no longer go through my day feeling defeated by my body. I can enjoy spending the day with my children.

The one thing that I didn’t even realize was the effects that it would have on my son. Last year we were in the emergency room several time because he has asthma or should I say did have asthma. I have not had to give him a treatment since we have been coming VAC. He will actually go to sleep without all the crying and screaming; I thought that was just normal for a child. By just coming here, you have improved his life in only three months. Wow!!

All I can say is thank you for changing my life and making me a better and healthier mom. God has given you a true gift and a life changing mission.

Thank You,

Saralyn Choromanski

A MUST READ -- Kids and Chiropractic? Absolutely!!!

I first came to Victor Advanced Chiropractic in July of 2006 with several painful symptoms. As the mother of three small boys, I do a lot of bending, lifting, twisting and carrying. I had constant back pain. It seemed like I was always ?throwing my back out?, pulling muscles and/or pinching nerves. My sciatic nerve was constantly under pressure making it painful to walk, bend or lift. I also suffered from frequent headaches and residual shoulder pain from a torn rotator cuff. I had been to chiropractors in the past and had found only minimal, temporary relief. I was never educated on structural health or how the misalignment of the spine can cause so many other issues. I was very impressed by the presentation and the thorough information I received from Dr. Rob and Dr. Bill. I immediately became motivated and enthusiastic about making changes and following their treatment plan and I am so glad that I did. Since I began treatments, I have not had a single backache! I no longer have the frequent headaches and even my shoulder pain is gone thanks to some ART. I feel stronger, healthier and more importantly, in charge of my health. My experience alone is worth sharing but the changes it has made in my family are even more amazing.

When I was asked about having my children evaluated and treated I was hesitant. My kids never complained about having backaches and I couldn?t imagine that their spines had become too misaligned in their short lives. My middle son, Connor was only two years old at his evaluation and I was blown away by Dr. Rob?s diagnosis. Discovering the shift in his top vertebra, he described to me the symptoms that might result. Sinus and sleep problems were the biggest issues with that type of shift. Bingo! Connor had a runny nose constantly and cold medicine was ineffective. He also would wake up anywhere from 3-5 times each night. Poor sleep made him tired and cranky during the day which led to behavior problems and frustrated parents. We tried everything from keeping him up later to Chamomile tea before bed to sleeping with him. Nothing worked. I doubted that my son would be cooperative enough or stay still long enough to receive an effective adjustment but I was desperate for change. What a change we have seen! Connor LOVES coming to Dr. Rob?s and Dr. Bill?s. He takes his own travel card and rushes to be the first one adjusted at each visit. He climbs right up on the table and has no fear or hesitation about the adjustment. His sinus problems are totally gone and he is sleeping much better already. My other sons, ages 4 and 12 months also receive regular adjustments. The Doctors are gentle and patient and have an excellent rapport with the kids. Whenever any of the boys get a cold, rather than rushing them to the Dr. for an antibiotic or pumping them full of cold medicine, I now bring them here to Victor Advanced Chiropractic. Their symptoms disappear much faster and their bodies are stronger and healthier. Having a lifestyle that promotes health and bodies that are able to function as they were designed are amazing gifts that I can now give my children.

Am I grateful for Victor Advanced Chiropractic? Beyond words. In less than 6 months time I have been taught so much about health and the function and design of the spine. I have seen and felt the results of their treatment program and I can?t keep it a secret. I?ve told anyone who will listen about what VAC has done for me and my family and I would recommend this practice to everyone! See and feel for yourself, how good you can feel and how healthy you can be. It works!

Heather Wilber

Eleven YEARSSSSS of chronic pain following a motor vehicle accident

Following an auto accident in 1995, I was seen by a number of medical Doctors and Chiropractors. None of them addressed my injuries sufficiently until I arrived at Victor Family Chiropractic. Over the past few months they have successfully treated all of my injuries from fractured and healed bones in my foot to a fractured breast bone and a curvature of the neck. Their combination of manipulation and traction has made many of the after effects much easier to live with and mosthave disappeared completely. I only wish I could have had this type of treatment immediately after the accident eleven years ago.

Ann B.

Herniated disk AND BLADDER FUNCTION RETURNED... are you kidding me

I’ve been fighting sciatica pain for about a year and half. In April 2006 I had returned from a 5 month international trip that had exacerbated the pain. My first action was to visit my physician who referred me to a neurosurgeon. The operative word being ‘surgeon’, consequently surgery was recommended to repair the herniated disk.

Having no peace with the recommended surgery I was looking for alternatives. That’s where Victor Advanced Chiropractors enter the picture.

Let me back up and explain what the symptoms were like when I met Drs. Ferris and Lucky. The nerve running through my buttock and down my right leg was burning and causing my calf and toes to be numb, sitting was not an option, and I couldn’t stand still without severe pain. Driving was becoming very difficult. And probably the worst and most embarrassing was incontinence had become a serious issue.

It has been 90 days since I started treatment with Victor Advanced Chiropractors and I am delighted to report my progress. I used to arrive for treatment often in tears because of the pain, but no more! The intensity of the pain is relieved; I went to the movies today and sat through the whole movie! And best of all the incontinence is a thing of the past!

I’m not completely without pain yet, but the healing process is moving forward with such strides that being pain free is within reach. Surgery is touted to be a ‘quick fix’ to get out of pain, but there are no guarantees that it will always be the fix they promise. The path of adjustments, traction, supplements, good diet, exercise, prayer and hope may take a little longer in time, but the results will be longer lasting!

With lots of joy,

Margaret Preston

Tamara & Andy

Dear VAC Staff,

We are writing to express our thanks for your excellent care and commitment to our health and well-being.

As you know, I (Tamara) came in last year with a terrible pain my shoulder, neck and back. I could not sleep at night; I could not function correctly during the day, and was in pain at all times. After just a few months of treatment, the pain decreased, and eventually was completely gone. It has never returned. I cannot tell you how lucky I feel to have your office right in town. I have maintained office visits to get my spine on track for overall better health for now, and for my future. I love to visit your office for your friendly, happy, and professional atmosphere. I know that you really believe in what you do, and want to spread the word on good spine health.

As for me (Andy), training for various endurance events has brought on its fair share of muscle strains and deep tissue trauma. You have always been able to pin point the source of discomfort and remedy these issues using ART. I have found your commitment to your patient’s health and wellness to be extraordinary. This is easily highlighted by the commitment that you made to me, as I was about to leave for my most important race of the year. I experienced a high leg strain on a Friday and I was scheduled to leave on Sunday for my race. Dr. Luckey drove into the office, nearly 2-hour drive, on a rainy Friday night after office hours to treat me. His excellent care prevented the issue from getting worse and by all accounts improved it so that I was comfortable and able to race my very best on that day.

In addition, not only have you been reactive to my issues you have also been proactive in the prevention of new issues.

If anyone was wondering if they should visit your office, we say “yes, definitely”. They would be doing themselves a favor!


Andrew Markese and Tamara Wheeler